Jaimes laughs with her whole heart!
One thing that I want to do with this blog is to create a community atmosphere of beauty and support- to introduce you to the goddesses in MY world who have supported and inspired me, so that even if you don't happen to have such women in your life at the moment, you can be inspired by some truly incredible women. And let me tell you that I am blessed to know some truly amazing and wonderful women, who I'm sure will fill your hearts with as much joy as they do mine!

In that spirit, let me introduce you to the first of the  goddesses in our little garden here- Jaimes, my Venus sister (as Taurus and Libra, we are both ruled by the love planet), dear friend, and one of the women in my life who most embodies the goddess spirit!

I've known Jaimes since she was a teenager, and have watched as she has grown and evolved into her true spirit- a spirit of joy, adventure, learning, and FUN! Her nickname is Rainbow Weather, reflecting the joy and excitement that is her energy- she will always find a way to make you smile, make you think, and make you feel like the true goddess that you are. She sees beauty in everything and has the courage to express that in so many forms- she is an painter, a jewelry artist, tarot reader, and cultivator of incredible relationships. She lives her life in resonance with the earth itself and is a true bohemian woman (although she'd call herself a hippie)! She's never afraid to explore the world, to expand her mind or heart, and her spontaneous energy gives me the freedom to make real my dreams (rather than just ruminate on them, which I have a serious tendency to do). She is beauty in ACTION and a true inspiration to me. I feel so lucky to have her in my life and hope that her words will inspire you in your life!

Jaimes and I sometimes look like sisters!
To see what goddess-hood meant to my friends and to help you get to know them better, I asked them a few questions. Here's what Jaimes had to say:

1. To start with, what's your sign?

 "Libra - Ruled by Venus - Keywords: balance, relationships, graceful, art, beauty, dichotomy, indecision, two-sided, idealistic, judgement."

2. What does being a goddess mean to you?

"Being a goddess means doing what I love, to keep inspired so I can inspire others around me. Having self respect, for the inner goddess can only emerge when we feel powerfully grounded within ourselves. Practicing spirituality, and more importantly "practicing what I preach", so ideas can be manifested practically down to earth. Manifesting consciously, because if we really are goddesses incarnate, our thoughts, feelings, words and actions have much more impact on our lives than we realize. There is magic all around, and to be a goddess is to feel it with every fiber of your being! 
To participate in life, and not just observe it is to awaken the inner creator inside the layers of the soul.To be a joyful influence on the world around me, for what we put out comes back magnified. To have a pure intent, for highest good and harming none, never to encroach upon the will of another. To remember that LOVE is the driving force of life, that it can heal all wounds. To have compassion, for compassion is love's ultimate healing tool. To forgive, for in forgiving we set ourselves free. To find my true will, to live my dharma, and to express it in the most beautiful way."

Photo art by Adam Scholle.
3. What makes you feel like a goddess?

"The earth beneath my feet, the soft grass, the light breeze, the warm sun and my spirit glowing inside of me! I feel like a goddess when I honor nature, dancing with the shifting of the seasons. I feel like a goddess when I face my fears and realize there was more light in the depths of my soul than I could have ever imagined. I feel like a goddess when I stare up at the full moon, letting its rays wash over me and knowing that I reflect the light of the divine too. I feel like a goddess when I allow myself to heal wounds of the past and let my inner child breathe easy again. When I'm sleeping under the stars, feeling open and free to dream. When I'm gathered with other goddesses and we empower each other, bring each other to new insights and new heights of imagination and wonder. I feel like a goddess when giving loving service and devotion to my fellow gods and goddesses, hoping to brighten someone's day or bring understanding through true caring. I feel like a goddess when I feel nurtured and when I nurture, and when I remember that we are all nurtured by the same central source. I feel like a goddess when I remember that I am an instrument of the divine, that the same spark that fuels all life is alive within me, and to respect that fact, for it brings great responsibility. Taking responsibility for my own life makes me feel like a goddess, and changing my destiny for the better is empowering. When I feel empowered, I hope to empower others. That is what makes me feel like a goddess."

Jaimes as the butterfly goddess she is.
4. Which goddesses/wise women are you most inspired by?

"Lately that is a rather fluid answer.. It used to be Radhe or Lakshmi, or at times Kali, and outside Hinduism I have loved Diana, Isis, Cerridwen, Aphrodite, Mother Moon, there are so many goddesses for so many different things! But lately I have been inspired by the Earth herself in relationship with the Sky, something more like both of them, you could call it the Universe or the Great Spirit. something that goes beyond gender, beyond the limits of time and space. I pray to this be-ing because it is within that place that we become so connected that we are one with creation, and that is a powerful place of love. It is an unlimited source to draw upon, and more importantly and unlimited source to be grateful for, and to to send all the love in my heart and be sure that it will come back in a picture even more beautiful than before."

Jaimes embraces the setting sun
5. If you could say one thing to your goddess sisters, what would it be?

"To love yourself, to appreciate yourself, and to never forget that the face in the mirror is the face of the goddess manifest! To never let yourself think of yourself as less than you are, for each woman has a gift - the power to love, the power to heal, the power to change the world. Remember to empower each other, and not let the little things get in the way of your devotion to living your highest truth. To be compassionate, to forgive, and to learn to let go and move forward. To have the courage to be happy, to dare to think new thoughts about yourselves and the world around you, to go to places within yourself that you never dared dip your toes in before. There is so much power and beauty all around, just waiting to be expressed through the loveliest of vessels - you! Let yourself live it, live it, live it!"

6. If you were a deity, what would you embody? (Goddess of Love, Music, Rain, WHATEVER!)

"If I were a goddess, I would embody the rainbow! I am rainbow weather after all! And it's because I love color, and I feel like my life purpose is to be an instrument of the divine, to help people take their light and put it into something beautiful and full of magic. The rainbow is a bridge between here and the other side, and the other side is definitely very present in my life. Heaven is in our hearts if we can only open them!"

 Thank you Jaimes for sharing your heart and wisdom with us! I feel so inspired and lightened by your words! 

Please leave a comment for Jaimes below and let us know what your thoughts on these subjects are! And stay tuned for the next in our Boho Goddess Garden interview series!



06/21/2012 10:32am

Hooray what a beautiful blog and delightful interview! I resonate with Jaimes message to her Goddess Sisters. I will come back for more!

06/21/2012 12:15pm

Merry Meet

Peace and love flows through this amazing sister, I adore her and find joy just seeing her for a tiny moment in the morning. Thank you for sharing!

Blessed Be


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