My life is completely up in the air. If you're a Taurus like me, you might be able to understand, but if you're not, I'm afraid I can't quite crystallize for you exactly how much I hate this feeling. Hate, as in Loathe. Despise.

Two months ago, I stood next to a small bonfire in a friend's backyard, feeling all the tethers of my life slowly untying themselves and slipping away. My relationship with my long-term live-in love-partner ("boyfriend" doesn't quite cut it) and best friend of 15 years was ending- a tragedy in and of itself worthy of months of mourning. But the repercussions could be felt much further. Because my relationship was ending, it meant that I would have to move back "home" to a city more than an hour away from the gorgeous mountain town we'd been living in for close to a year. Because of this move, it meant that I lost my job as a creative writing instructor for teens. And with my new living situation, it was not possible to move pets with me, so I even lost my sweet kitten-lover-baby, Leilu, who I'd had for four years.

So it goes... this was my life as I entered my 30th year- single, unemployed, broke, and surrounded with loss.

However, amidst the wreckage of my former life, I gained something momentous... life-changing, even. And it set magical things in motion for my life, even as my old life fell away from me, as I stood next to that fire months ago. 

I reconnected with my tribe of goddesses. You know what I'm talking about. The circle of beautiful, strong, passionate, creative, spiritual women in your life who inspire you with their talents, wisdom, and insights. The women who are living in their bliss and who give you permission and support to do the same. Women so unique and gorgeous in their own individual way, but each with a common spark of brilliance that pulls you in and whispers, "It's okay. You're beautiful too. You can be whatever your heart sings for you to be." And with their love and support, you begin to believe it's true. 

I pray you have some of these angelic creatures in your own life. If you don't yet, that's okay. I'd like to introduce you to mine, and together we can begin dreaming of brand-new sparkling adventures for our hearts to journey on. And to do that, I've created a sacred, special place for us to set our souls free. This space right here. Already within you. A place of peace, ease, safety, support, and beauty. I want you to close your eyes and imagine a garden- the most gorgeous one your imagination can conceive of- green and lush, full of life and possibility, comfy and cozy and singing with all the most precious things of your heart. That place of ultimate truth in you. That's where we'll meet to dream and talk about our journeys and make fantastical plans for the beautiful flow of life. I'd like to invite you to come sit with me as I plant the seeds for my future- a future I can't even imagine yet, but one that I know will be gorgeous and wonderful and filled with bliss.

May you plant your own seeds of hope and love in your life, and may they turn out to be even more magical than you envision. 
Blessed be, and Namaste,



05/17/2012 11:58pm

Lindz - I love your lush, green, full of life garden. Just had to say that I love your writing style. It captured me and I can't wait to read more!

Jacen Rawson
05/18/2012 7:56pm

Linsdey you are so sweet and very petite you are so pretty like a garden full of lillys


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