This is how I'm picturing the garden today- as a lush, luxuriant picnic in the middle of a gorgeous tropical forest, complete with comfy pillows and a snuggly rug to sit on, tasty pastries to snack on, and of course beautiful goddesses in fancy jammies to talk with. Bonus: if you look close, the table is festooned with golden sculptures of peacocks! (Peacocks are one of my very favorite spirit animals.) 

I found this photo at this site and it was so beautiful and got my brain so juiced up with ideas that I just had to share it! 

Right now the grass outside my window is blowing in the breeze of the sunrise, which is just peeking through the canyon. A bird hops around on the ground, puffing its chest out again and again. It's a beautiful morning, with clear blue skies, full of possibility and mystery. 

I was going to write a longer blog today, but my mind is a big ball of blank, and as my wise goddess friend Jaimes reminded me, it must be a time to meditate with that blankness instead of trying to force something that's not going to happen organically or honestly. But before I go, I wanted to let you know just how loved you are. No matter where you are in your life, you are perfectly you, and a beautiful refection of the divine in form. Keep shining today, and remember that you are a gift! Thank you for being you!

Sending you so much love and acceptance today, and being grateful for the reminder that there is a time and a rhythm to creation. Perhaps my ideas need to gestate a little longer before they're ready to be born! Can't wait to share them with you when they're ready.

Have a glorious day!
Blessed be and Namaste,




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